Drywall Taping & Finishing

Toronto’s Centennial Drywall Taping and Finishing

Level 5 Drywall Finishing Experts

Centennial Drywall works with architects, custom builders, and home owners in Greater Toronto. We believe that drywall taping and finishing is truly an art form. Our drywall craftsmen provide master taping and finishing.

We create beautiful finishes for

  • walls
  • bulkheads
  • ceilings
  • stucco finishes
  • custom projects

Centennial Drywall’s taping and finishing service matches our level of service to your project needs. Do you need a Level 5 Finish—the smoothest of smooth wall finishes? We are Level 5 experts!

A Level 5 Finish for Exquisite Spaces

Do you plan to use critical lighting, high gloss paint or wish to have a smooth ceiling? Our drywall expertise in level 5 drywall taping and finishing will ensure the results you seek. Centennial Drywall uses both spray drywall and hand applied textures, from simple orange peel and knockdown textures to complex, hand-toweled  finishes.

Centennial Drywall will match any existing drywall texture, or create a custom texture just for you. Custom texture drywall sample finishes can be provided upon request. We are committed to working with you to help you achieve exactly the drywall effect you seek.

As licensed professionals, Centennial Drywall specializes in high end drywall taping and finishing projects that require quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on providing superior drywall taping and finishing service.

Creating beautiful spaces in Toronto

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Toronto’s Centennial Drywall specializes in drywall installation, drywall taping and finishing, metal stud framing and insulation. That’s why we’re experts at what we do! We stay up-to-date with industry advances and work with a variety of drywall products.