Drywall Installation

Providing Expert Drywall Installation across Greater Toronto

Centennial Drywall prides itself on expert drywall installation services to architects, custom builders, general contractors and home owners across Greater Toronto and beyond.

Drywall for interior walls, exterior & shaft wall, soffits & specialty installations

Working as a team, the pros at Centennial Drywall efficiently drywall your space. But we never compromise quality for speed. Using only professional drywall tools, we put high priority on ensuring your wires and pipes aren’t vulnerable to puncture.

Centennial Drywall’s craftsmen are precise, accurate and detail-oriented — all keys to a successful installation. Proper planning reduces the chances of cracking and nail pops — time consuming and expensive issues we work hard to avoid.

Where desirable, Centennial Drywall can install drywall made with materials that help remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from your indoor air. These products are mold and moisture resistant.

Centennial Drywall is experienced with cutting and fastening harder, fire-rated panels, as well as specialized techniques required for noise reducing panels. We also use the latest products to help minimize airborne dust and speed up the cleaning process.

Product Choices for Drywall Installation Projects

Once a fairly static industry, choices among types and sizes of drywall have multiplied in recent years.  Centennial Drywall has learned through years of experience that

  • Using the right size drywall can help minimize seams and speed the installation process
  • Quality products result in a more successful drywall installation project

Toronto’s Centennial Drywall specializes in drywall installation, drywall taping and finishing, metal stud framing and insulation. That’s why we’re experts! We stay up-to-date with industry advances and work with a variety of drywall products. 

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